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Retna Wheel Co

Sam Smythe - Nose Stall.jpg


Co-Founder - Creative Director

To Quote Jeff Grosso "I Am Skateboarding. Skateboarding is me. The Little Wooden toy is a kiss and a curse. It's Everything. It's the best thing that ever happened to me and the worst thing that ever happened to me all rolled up into one.

Will Mackie - Lien Tail_edited.jpg


Co-Founder - Director of Operations

"I fell in love with skateboarding because it was individual; there were no teams, there were no captains, there was nothing to perfect. No style that had to be measured. it was completely opposite of what i saw in so many sports. it was creative. and to this day, that's what i love, that's always kept me back to it because its endless creation".
- Rodney Mullen

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